How to Choose an Amazing Senior Photographer in Grand Rapids Michigan

March 31, 2014

You’re a senior! You want fabulous photos to remember your senior year –
hotos that capture your personality, your style, your uniqueness!

But there’s a hundred senior photographers in the Grand Rapids area to choose from. How do you pick?

Well, here are some tips to help you decide which photographer is the one for you!

Images by Jennifer Holland & Grand Rapids Michigan Senior Portrait Photographer


First off, check out their galleries. Do they have enough examples that you can get a good feel for the photographer’s style – modern, vintage, trendy, traditional, creative, urban, natural? Is it a style that suits you?

And then take a look at a couple of entire senior portrait sessions. Are there a good variety of photos or do they all sort of look the same? Do the poses and expressions look natural or stiff? Are the pictures sloppy – cutting off fingers or feet in awkward places – or polished and well-composed?

Does the look of the photos seem consistent or random throughout the gallery – i.e. did the photographer edit the photos with all kinds of different looks (think Instagram filters) – or do all the photos fit together with a similar style?

And while you’re looking at a whole session, take a couple of minutes to look closely at the skin in each image. Does it change color from blueish in one photo, to yellowish in another photo, to maybe reddish in another? Or does it look fresh, peachy, and true-to-skin color in each image?

See my senior gallery here, then browse through some full sessions HERE and HERE on my blog!

Images by Jennifer Holland & Grand Rapids Michigan Senior Portrait PhotographerIS THE PHOTOGRAPHER A PROFESSIONAL?

I know, it’s really tempting when a friend or family member offers to take your photos for virtually nothing. But this is your special day, and you probably won’t get professional photos again until your wedding! You want a professional photographer who understands their camera and equipment inside and out, knows how to use light, posing, and editing software to get photos that make you look absolutely awesome.

For that matter, you want someone who is insured AND has backup equipment, in the event something goes wrong! So be sure you ask about those things when you talk to a potential senior portrait photographer.


Find out about the extras that will make your senior portrait experience special and personalized just to you! Does the photographer offer professional makeup application or wardrobe consultations? Will they spend time getting to know you and help you select just the right setting for your senior photos?

Are they super busy photographing upwards of 10-20 seniors a week, or do they have a flexible schedule that allows them time to be responsive to your questions and concerns? You don’t want to be just an appointment on someone’s calendar!

Images by Jennifer Holland & Grand Rapids Michigan Senior Portrait PhotographerAfter the shoot, does the photographer just put up an online gallery and drop your order in the mail? Or do they offer an in-person ordering appointment where the photographer will show you all the great products available to share and display your beautiful images and then personally walk you through the decision-making process?


Contact a few of your top candidates and talk to them in person or over the phone. Are they friendly, outgoing, and interested in you? How quickly do they return your phone calls or text messages? Does it feel like the two of you click? If you are comfortable with your senior photographer, it will show in your photos! While you may not want a friend to take your pictures, you do want it to FEEL like your photographer is a friend!

If you follow these steps, you’ll be sure to have fabulous Senior Pictures you’ll be thrilled to show your friends and family!

Want to find out more? If you live anywhere around Grand Rapids, Holland, or Grand Haven, Michigan, click here to see what you can expect from a Senior Portrait Experience with Senior Images by Jennifer! I can’t wait to talk to you!

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